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The bKYND Co.

building a happier, healthier tomorrow

The world's first holistic wellness company

dedicated to providing students and young professionals

access to affordable, life-enriching physical, mental,

social and emotional health and wellness services.


On-Site Programs

Tailor-made for schools and larger youth organizations, our on-site

holistic wellness programs uniquely combine both group fitness and topic-based discussion to help students build fundamental

and lasting healthy lifestyle habits. 

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Tailored Training

Our individually tailored elite training and mentoring program

is perfect for those looking to elevate their overall health and performance on the field, in the classroom, or throughout their everyday lives.

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Outdoor Classes

Our age-appropriate outdoor group fitness classes are Saturday mornings at Hillwood Presbyterian ChurchWe currently offer:

  • HIIT: Strength + Conditioning

  • Yoga: Flow + Steady

  • Yoga: Power Flow