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Our team is enthusiastically dedicated to providing all those we work with a fun, motivational, and life-enriching experience. We encourage [life’s] challenges to be seen as personal growth opportunities and to confront them head on. We also understand how unbelievably hard it can be, and yet how critically important it is, for all [young] people to experience a sense of belonging amongst their peers, and to begin building lasting healthy lifestyle practices.

bKYND Founder + CEO Bradley D

Bradley Davis

NASM, Youth Exercise Specialist

NASM, Behavior Change Specialist

Founder + CEO


Haney Martinez

NASM, Youth Exercise Specialist

Assistant Coach


Anthony Vannarath

NASM, Youth Exercise Specialist

Assistant Coach

bKYND Coach Alexa N

Alexa Newkirk

ACSM, Exercise Physiologist

Masters, Sport Administration

Director, Programming

IMG_3716 copy.jpg

Brian McKee

NASM, Youth Exercise Specialist

Assistant Coach


Angelina Turner

ACE, Personal Trainer

Assistant Coach


Lexi Taylor

NASM, Youth Exercise Specialist

Coordinator of Sales + Marketing

IMG_3717 copy.jpg

Shelsea Canaca

NASM, Youth Exercise Specialist

Head Coach

IMG_3725 copy.jpg

Ahmir Gibson

ISSA, Certified Personal Trainer

Assistant Coach



All bKYND Coaches have passed local, state, and federal background checks processed by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI).

In addition to their own specialties, every bKYND Coach is certified in CPR/AED & First Aid and Youth Mental Health First Aid.

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