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Provide life-enriching health and wellness services to students and young professionals everywhere


Build a happier, healthier tomorrow by investing in the healthy development and continued growth of youth physical, mental and emotional well-being


To always rely on science-backed research and technology-driven innovation to deliver the safest, most effective state-of-the-art health and wellness services

Bradley D. Davis, Founder & CEO, The bKYND Company

Bradley D. Davis
Founder & CEO

Health + Happiness = Confidence + Success

As a cancer survivor, former student-athlete, and certified youth exercise specialist (YES-NASM) with more than a decade’s worth of experience coaching and mentoring kids and teens, I truly understand, from personal experience, the all too-common struggles young people face. I started The bKYND Company to help students, their parents, and young professionals everywhere gain access to high-end life-enriching physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness services. I want to make sure such services are also age-appropriate, fun, affordable, and readily accessible. I want to help younger generations better understand and navigate both their current circumstances, while also setting them up to live long, happy, healthy and successful lives. Which I believe is done by building up their self-confidence, strengthening their self-esteem, and by helping improve their overall quality of, and outlook on life. bKYND is all about redefining the way our leaders of tomorrow access and receive the critical life-enriching skills necessary for building both themselves, and all of us, a happier, healthier tomorrow! Always bKYND to yourself and others! - b

The Team

We are enthusiastically dedicated to providing all those we work with a fun, motivational, and life-enriching experience. We encourage [life’s] challenges to be seen as personal growth opportunities and to confront them head on. We guide and support the building and conditioning of one’s physical and mental health and strength in tandem with their social and emotional intelligence. We also understand how unbelievably hard it can be, and yet how critically important it is, for all [young] people to experience a sense of belonging amongst their peers, and to begin building lasting healthy lifestyle practices.

Bradley D. Davis

Founder & CEO

Bradley D. Davis

Youth Exercise Specialist (NASM-YES)

Behavior Change Specialist (NASM-BCS)

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bKYND HIIT Coach, Personal Trainer, & Manager of Community Building_edited.jpg

Community Manager & Coach

Bryan K.

Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT)

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bKYND Coach, Personal Trainer, & Manager of Marketing & Events

Marketing Manager & Head Coach

Alexa N.

Exercise Physiologist (ACSM-EP)

MSA, Belmont University '23

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Erin P.

Youth Exercise Specialist (NASM-YES)

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Our Amazing Partners

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All of our services are age-appropriate, open to all experience

levels, and strategically designed to promote lasting physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.


HIIT: Strength

+ Conditioning

Yoga: Flow + Steady

& Yoga: Power Flow





A challenging, yet energizing, motivating, and fun group workout experience!

Reset, recharge,

and recover while building lasting harmony between your mind, body and spirit!

Elevate your game or accomplish your wellness goals with our elite goal-oriented private training!

Train with friends or teammates with our elite goal-oriented

semi-private training!


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“Don’t aim to be perfect, aim to be fearless, resilient, and yourself.”

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